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Please Pick Up After Dogs!

There has been an issue with people not picking up after their dogs after they defecate in the common area. The Association has doggie bag dispensers installed in the community for your use. Please be considerate and pick up after your dogs immediately and dispose of the waste properly in a receptacle. Dog waste is more than just a gross and unsightly mess, it’s an environmental pollutant and a health hazard, as it can carry E. coli, parvovirus, and salmonella. The Association’s governing documents require that dog owners pick up after their pets and any resident caught violating the rules will be subject to the Association’s Enforcement Policy, which may result in a fine being assessed to the owner’s account. Thank you very much for your efforts in keeping the Milano community a healthy and clean place to live!

Notice of Adoption of Proposed Revisions to Enforcement & Fine Policy

Proposed revisions to the Association’s Enforcement & Fine Policy were recently mailed to the membership for your review and comment.  No member comments were received prior to or at the Board meeting held on January 16, 2020. Therefore, the revised policy was adopted as presented by the Board of Directors at the meeting.

Should you have any questions regarding the change, or would like to obtain another copy, please contact Management. The updated policy can be viewed and downloaded at any time on the Resident Portal at in the “Documents” section under “Policies and Procedures.”

Happy Holidays!

The Nevis Milano Board of Directors would like to wish all Milano residents a safe and happy holiday season!

Please note that Action Property Management’s office will be closed in observance of the Christmas and New Years holidays on December 24th and 25th and January 1st. Please call (949) 450-0202 to report any urgent matters that occur on the days the office is closed and your call will be routed to the on call manager. Thank you!

2019 Election Results

Your Association’s Annual Meeting of the Members was held on December 19, 2019. The Election of Directors was completed. Two directors were elected to serve a two (2) year term, and one director was elected to serve a one (1) year term.

NAMES OF CANDIDATES                                           NUMBER OF VOTES CAST   

Matt Durham                                                                 22

Sherry Merrifield                                                         22

Thomas Palmer                                                             15                   

The two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes are as follows and will serve for a two (2) year term.


Matt Durham                                                                  

Sherry Merrifield           

The one (1) candidate receiving the next highest number of votes is as follows and will serve for a one (1) year term.


Thomas Palmer

The members further voted to allocate any excess funds at the end of the current fiscal year to the subsequent year’s member assessments.

                                                                                      NUMBER OF VOTES CAST

In Favor                                                                       19

Opposed                                                                       2

Abstained                                                                      2

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Board of Directors and Action Property Management wish all Nevis Milano residents and their families a Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all that you do to contribute to our wonderful community!

Pool Deck Painting Completed

The pool deck painting project has been completed. We hope you enjoy the improved appearance of this area!

Pool Deck Painting

Pool Deck Painting

The Association is aware of the poor condition of the concrete pool deck, which has a lot of rust and stains. The Board has recently reviewed several proposals to renovate the pool deck with new concrete or pavers, but unfortunately, the cost is too great to complete the work at this time.

Until the Association can afford to renovate the pool deck, it was decided to paint it with a special concrete paint to make it look more appealing in the meantime. Protec Building Services has applied a gray primer to sections of the pool deck. Three neutral, earth-toned colors have been selected and the paint samples will be applied next week. The Board will evaluate the colors to determine which one looks best and then the entire deck will be painted in that color.

Please Pick Up After Pets!

It has been observed that people have been leaving pet waste in the common area. Not only is this unsanitary, messy and inconsiderate of your neighbors, it is also a violation of the Association’s rules. Please remember to clean up after your pet when they defecate in the common area. Residents who are caught not picking up after their pets will be subject to violation notices and fines. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in keeping the Milano community a clean and beautiful place to live!

Annual Fire Alarm Testing - August 8, 2019

The annual inspection of the fire alarm system will be conducted by Interface Systems on Thursday, August 8th at 8:00 A.M. This affects all residents in the San Michele buildings, which are the only buildings with fire alarm systems. The devices will be sounded very briefly for a few seconds. The vendor will need access into the units to inspect the mini horns. Please make the necessary arrangements in order to be able to allow the vendor access on the morning of the inspection. Thank you!

Slurry Seal Project - July 16th - 19th

The Nevis Milano Board of Directors has contracted with Quickel Paving to seal coat the community streets. The project was originally scheduled in May, but was rescheduled due to notification from Cox that they would be doing equipment upgrades in the area which would require removal and replacement of some areas of asphalt and concrete. While the work is in progress in one section, you are required to park in another section of the community. The slurry seal schedule is below (weather permitting), and the slurry seal map is attached for your review.



When the seal coat material is applied, it will take a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours to dry, weather permitting. While the seal coat is drying, it will be sticky and easily tracked if walked on or driven upon. Therefore, to protect residents and guests, the streets highlighted on the map will be barricaded beginning at 7:00 AM on their respective service date. Vehicles will be permitted back on the street the following day by 5:00 PM provided the weather allows for adequate curing of the seal coat material. Please note that the start times are subject to change. You are required to relocate your vehicle before 7:00 AM on the service date. Any vehicle found parked on the asphalt during the scheduled date and time will be towed with no prior notice at the vehicles owners’ expense.

To ensure you will have use of your vehicle, residents are encouraged to find appropriate parking accommodations the evening before the seal coat work begins. The Marian Bergeson Elementary school located across the street has graciously allowed Nevis Milano residents to use their parking lot to park their vehicles overnight on the evenings of Tuesday, July 16th, and Thursday, July 18th. The vehicles must be removed from the parking lot by 7:00 AM the following morning.

Please be aware that any resident damaging the seal coat by driving or walking on it while the barricades are in place will be responsible for the costs of all damages and re-work. Thank you for your cooperation. We understand this work creates an inconvenience for everyone; however, it is necessary to protect your investment in the community. Should you have any questions, please contact:

Quickel Paving (949) 582-1515

Action Property Management (949) 450-0202

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