Architectural Approval For Hard Surface Flooring is Required

Posted By on December 5, 2016

Please be advised that all installations of hard surface flooring in rooms other than the kitchen and bathrooms requires prior architectural approval by the Association. Hard surface flooring is considered to be anything besides carpet, and includes hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile. Hard surface flooring must be installed with soundproofing underlayment and must meet the specifications outlined in the Association’s Architectural Approval Guidelines, which can be found on the cover page of the architectural application. You must attempt to obtain signatures from the neighbors below and beside you on the application so that they are made aware that you are applying for architectural approval for hard surface flooring. The architectural application can be viewed and downloaded on the Homeowner Portal at Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors at the monthly board meetings. Please submit completed architectural applications with the supplemental information, including the specifications for the flooring and underlayment that meet the Association’s specifications, to Action Property Management in advance of the meeting. Management will verify that all the necessary documentation has been received and will submit the application to the Board for review. Homeowners will be notified in writing shortly after the meeting as to whether their request was approved. If an application is denied, the homeowner will be given a reason as to why it was denied and the homeowner will have a chance to resubmit the application. Please contact the Community Manager with any questions regarding the approval procedures. Failure to obtain Association approval prior to the installation of hard surface flooring will result in the homeowner being called to a hearing before the Board of Directors, and the homeowner may receive fines until the necessary documentation is received and approved. We appreciate your adherence to the Association’s Architectural Improvement Procedures. Thank you!