New Recycling Program

Posted By on August 29, 2018

The Association will be instituting a recycling program in the community on September 1, 2018 in order to be in compliance with California law. The Board has determined to add one recycling bin at this time to the dumpster area on the corner of Caldaro and San Michele. It will be a 4-yard split bin, which will have a 2-yard bin for trash and a 2-yard bin for recyclables.

Attached is a document entitled “Split Bin Recycling Guidelines” that will show you which items are appropriate for the trash and recycling bins. The Association is just starting with one recycling bin at this time, as they will be fined every time CR&R finds an inappropriate item in the recycling bin. These fines can add up and be a substantial cost to the Association. If the recycling program goes well with the one recycling bin and there are minimal contaminations, the Board will consider adding more recycling bins to the other dumpster areas. Please be responsible and ensure that you are putting your trash and recyclables in the appropriate bin. If you are caught disposing of an inappropriate item in the recycling bin, the homeowner will be called to a hearing before the Board and fined. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and we look forward to doing our part to go green!

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