Posted By on August 29, 2018

A ballot has been distributed requesting your approval of a one-time special assessment in the amount of $620.00 per homeowner to complete the final phase of the repiping project and approval of some common sense amendments to the Bylaws that will eliminate quorum requirements for elections and require that Board members be members of the Association. A special membership meeting will be held on Thursday, September 13th, at 7:00 P.M. at the Clubhouse for the purpose of opening and tallying these ballots. In order for both the special assessment and Bylaw amendment to pass, 51 of the 100 homeowners will need to vote in favor of them.

Please submit your completed ballot to Action Property Management’s Irvine office no later than Wednesday, September 12th, or be sure to bring it to the September 13th meeting if you plan to attend in person. The Association is currently spending thousands of wasted dollars on plumbing repairs and remediation and restoration due to water damage caused by leaks in the plumbing of units that have not been repiped yet. Time is of the essence, as the Association wants to repipe the remaining units as soon as possible in order to avoid any more of these types of costs, which are draining the operating account.

Should you have any questions about the special assessment or Bylaw amendment, please contact Rhonda Hart at (949) 450-0202, or via email to rhart@actionlife.com. You may also attend the next Board of Directors’ meeting on Thursday, August 16th, to address any questions to the Board in person. Thank you very much for your participation in this very important process!